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Yesterday i bought a magic shirt that makes me GROW and GROW my sister asks to BORROW but i told her NO Next day and the park a bully picked on ME My sister put on the magic shirt and grow her size times THREE After that the bully wasn't BOLD any more no ones afrad of a five year OLD

-Eli, age 11

Rhyming is fun.
I can rhyme about the sun.
My favorite color is blue,
and I will rhyme about it for you.

-moni, age 10

Dogs are cute,
and they don't play a flute.
Dogs are nice,
and they don't chase mice.

-gurleen, age 11

I love to play games and learn people's names . I also like to cook and then read a book.

-Jasmin, age 13

Rhyming is nice, Lemonade is too. Especially on a burning day, Can I share yours with you?

-Marisa, age 8

You don't have to hide. When there is a high tide. Or when someone at the door and you have to mop the floor

-Mariangela, age 10

I am sweet i have two feet. I like honey so give me some money. 5 dollars will do, just don't give me the flu.

-Deanie, age 12

Rhyming is cool you don't have to be in a pool Rhyme at the beach church and school.

-Colby, age 4

I pickup a dime just wasting my time trying to think of a rhyme Here's how it goes. Rhyming is a fun way to play it matters what you say.

-Shyann, age 11

Summer is fun. I like it sunner . I like red. Now i'm going to bed. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

-Sam, age 6

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